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Re-Measuring the Re-Location of the Capital City Republic of Indonesia : The History Repeats Itself

Re-Measuring the Re-Location of the Capital City Republic of Indonesia : The History Repeats Itself

Special Edition

At the beginning of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, President Soekarno and Vice President M Hatta were arrested by Dutch colonialist. The Netherlandswanted to regain control of land, water and the people of Republic of Indonesia.

If only at that time there was no Hero to Save the State and Nation of Indonesia namely Sjafruddin Prawiranagara, then the history of the Republic of Indonesia may not be what it is today. It could be that Indonesia becomes a Commonwealth or Federation State or even a United State of Indonesia, who knows ?

It is quite strange but it is true, since the Orde Baru government era, Sjafruddin Prawiranagara was stated as an enemy and traitor of Indonesia, it is stated and recorded in the official history of Indonesia. It is happened because of a very strong ego of the government at that time, thus eliminating rationality and clarity of reason to make a decision.

Through a great effort and great struggles by the Sundanese people of West Java, Banten and West Sumatra for decades, in 2011 Sjafruddin Prawiranagara had his name clean and officially appointed as a National Hero. It is one of the ‘extraordinary’ journey of the Indonesian country.

Back to the story when President and Vice President of Indonesia was caught by the Netherlands, this situation should show a ‘ game over ’ for Indonesia, and the Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia has finished. But, with ALLOOH’s blessing and mercy, the story did not end that way.
It was destined that there was a savior of Indonesia, Sjafruddin Prawiranagara, so that until today (31 January 2021), Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia still stands firmly in the midst of a small part of Indonesian community who insist that the Republic of Indonesia to be changed to another form (whatever its name).

When Sjafruddin Prawiranagara held the position as Emergency President of the Republic of Indonesia ( PDRI ). The capital city of Indonesia was moved to Padang, West Sumatra. The main reason of that decision is that Jakarta is too close to the Netherlands, so it is very dangerous.

Today, in the era of Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, Republic of Indonesia is trying to restore the ‘ Sovereignty & Independence ’ of Indonesia, after since the Orde Baru when the era of President Soeharto came to power and one by one the Indonesian Assets were given to foreign country for free.
One of them was Freeport.

Freeport was the first Indonesian Asset that is freely given to the United States government in 1967. In 2018, President Joko Widodo has successfully take back 51 % of PT Freeport shares to belong to Indonesia.
Hopefully, in the next 5 years, President Joko Widodo can take over 100% shares of PT Freeport and the ownership for Republic of Indonesia, following other Indonesian assets controlled by foreign country.

[ Aamiiin ]

In current Joko Widodo’s position, I think that President Joko Widodo is experiencing an emotional state that is slightly the same as in the past. Not from the colonial side, but to make his government run effectively, it must be fully supported by the political power of the Capital Buffer Province, nemely West Java Province.

But what can I say, political reality says differently. It is precisely West Java Province which is expected to became the main supporter of President Joko Widodo’s government and it’s multi program, so that it can run well smoothly, but the “ run well smoothly ” cannot be expected from West Java Province.

Joko Widodo’s vote in West Java Province was far below the national target ( only 45 % ), loosing.
It is clear from a political perspective that it is very influential and will interfere with the acceleration of the Revitalization of Various Programs, especially the returning Indonesian assets and Environmental Revitalization in West Java.

One of the most affected was the “ Revitalization of the Citarum River ” program. Even though President Joko Widodo has issued his ultimate weapon to accelerate the revitalization of the Citarum River, namely Perpres No 15 Tahun 2018, in fact until now, all the components in West Java are very difficult to work together.
Especially the synergy between the existing agencies within the West Java Provincial Government and the City and Regencies associated with the Citarum River.

There are indications that there is a movement, both political and social movements that are so big that deliberately blocking the process of the Citarum River Revitalization Acceleration Program and its watershed. That movements wants the program to be failed.

Why are there multistakeholders who do not want the problem of the Citarum River to be solved, and Citarum River return to its glory and sovereignty ?

Talking about the Citarum River, it is not only talking about ‘ Water ‘ and ‘ River ‘ problems, but here are 3 main problems for the Indonesian people :

  1. The Problem of Independence and Water Sovereignty.
  2. Problems of Food Independence and Sovereignty.
  3. The Problem of Independence and Energy Sovereignty

More over, West Java is very clear, an indisputable fact, that most of West Java’s political direction and power do not support President Jokowi’s policies.
No matter how good the program is and for the sake of restoring the sovereignty and independence of the people and environment of West Java.

For me, I’ll try to be optimistic.
Hopefully, with the relocation of the capital city of Republic of Indonesia from Jakarta to Kalimantan, such as the steps that have been taken by the Savior of the Indonesian Nation’s Sovereignty, Sjafruddin Prawiranegara, can truly make Republic of Indonesia to be Sovereign and Independent.

Isn’t it the year 2045 we (Indonesia) will meet Indonesia Emas ?

[ There’s no way Gold comes from Garbage, Waste or Toxic Soil ]

Cimahi, Sunday, 31 January 2021

Rizal Ul Fikri CJI
‘ The Birthday Boy ’

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