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English Public Speaking Seminar

English Public Speaking Seminar

Speaking infront a lot of audience might be a big problem for some of us.
Yes, some of us think that it is hard, overwhelming or even stressful to do a public speaking especially English Public Speaking. That is why Foreign and Local Language Assosiation (FELLAS) create an occasion named *Public Speaking Seminar.*
It is held in Politeknik Negeri Bandung at B Building room 308, third floor.

It is a seminar that gave a lesson how to do a public speaking. The one whose became the speaker is Sir Danny Nugraha, one of the English Lecture in Polban.

We all do agree that public speaking is an important things, right ?
Because it can helps us to get jobs, helps us to organize our thought, getting used to speak english ( applying all the expression and vocabulary), improving better self estreem by knowing what to say and how to deliver that in the end it will helps us to get wiser of what need to tell or what needs not to.

But here is a thing, there are 4 big problem that seems problematic for us to learned English Public Speaking.

First, *Nervous.*
A lot of people are nervous to do a public speaking.
Let me tell you something, everyone is nervous to do a public speaking, even the President. But it is how we handle the nervous that makes us different.
Public Speaking is a product of knowledge, if you don’t have a good knowledge then you will not have a good public speaking, it will make you not sure about what to say and make you nervous.

So, in the end, we have to fill our mind with a lot if knowledge, so that we can have a good product of knowledge. It is all can be achieve by read or hear about news, useful information and ect.

Second, *Language* (such as grammatical).
If you said that your grammar in English is not good, then how is your grammar in ‘Bahasa’ ?

If you said your grammar in ‘bahasa’ is good, could you state the different the usage of ‘bukan’ and ‘tidak’ ?

Even if your grammar is bad, than what’s the matter ?

The point of language is to help communication, and goals of communication is to deliver message and understanding message.
So even if your grammar is bad, but you understand each other, so be it.
It is communication. And public speaking is communication. Just try first, and your grammar will be better following your experience.

Third, *Inferior.*
A lot of us are feeling inferior. Not confident about our strength. Here is a thing, god is almighty and we are the creation of god.
So there is no reason for us to feel inferior except for worship. But big no in public speaking.
If you have something usefull to said and beneficial for a lot of people, then do it. It is called ‘amanah’. ‘Amanah’ is not only about things.

Last, *Goals.*
If we want to speak, make sure we have clear goals. Imagine you have a supercar, example like lamborghini or ferrari, with a bundle of cash inside it, and when people ask
“where are you going ?”
and you dont know where to go.

SO, it is useless to have such a great car when you dont know what to do.
Same as when you have a lots of thing to say but you don’t know what is the purpose, then it is useless.

You have to set the goals, to answer the why ?
Why question always end up in two things,
Rationale (Reason) and Purpose (what for).

So again, fulfill you mind with knowledge, be generalist. Be open to every information but make sure to filter it. Be open mind.
Hopefully this occation could be useful and encourage people to brave do a public speaking.

Bandung Barat, Jum’at, 29 November 2019
Rizal – CJI

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