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Safary Dakwah Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, Archandra Tahar

Safary Dakwah Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, Archandra Tahar

At 30 March 2019, Me Rizal Ul Fikri with CEO of CJI Mr. Zaki Mubarrok attend and occassion held by ICMI (Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Indonesia) in Prime Park Hotel Bandung.The guest star of the occassion was Mr. Archandra Tahar, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining of Indonesia. The occassion named “Safari Dakwah”.

There are a lot of discussion about energy in Indonesia, from Fuel (BBM), Electricity (PLN) and contract about mining and minerals that exist in Indonesia, such as Freeport in Papua, Exxon Mobile in Riau and many more. There are a lot of contract in 1991 that it is unfair about the agreement for our country.

Here is a thing, he fight for our goverment to do a battle in international court, re-negotiating about the contract and many more.

Here is the Freeport Indonesia contract, that it is crazy enough for me

Article 31 ayat 2 Kontrak Karya 1991
“Subject to the provisions herein contained, this agreement shall have an initial term of 30 years from the date of signing this agreement ; TEN YEARS – EXTENTIONS OF SUCH TERM, SUBJECT TO GOVERMENT APPROVAL. THE GOVERMENT WILL NOT UNREASONABLY WITHHOLD OR DELAY SUCH APPROVAL. Such application by the company may be made at any time during the term of this Agreement, including any prior extention.

(*The sentences i Capital is the dangerous sentences that we should critisize)

Meaning that if the contract is over, FI can do an extension of agreement 2 times 10 years and goverment will have no right to delay or withhold the contract. It is unfair i guess.

And then, there is PP 20/1994 pasal 6 ayat 1
“Saham peserta Indonesia dalam perusahaan yang didirikan sebagaimana dimaksud dalam pasal 2 ayat (1) huruf a, sekurang-kurangnya 5 % dari seluruh modal disetor perusahaan pada waktu pendirian”

Meaning that we as Indonesia only owned 5 % of the share of FI.

What happened in the past already happened and it is impossible for us to cancel the contract. What our goverment did now is a great step forward to take 51% share of FI. Let’s us as citizen of Indonesia support our Goverment to take 100% ownership of FI.


Bandung Barat, 3 Oktober 2019
Rizal , ~CJI

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